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Friday, October 15, 2010

Judge Orders Confiscated Property to be Returned

By Ron Crumpton

FERNDALE, Michigan – A judge has ordered the return of records and computers seized by the Oakland County Sheriff's Office in the county’s largest assault on medical marijuana dispensaries.

On August 25, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office raided two dispensaries and several private residents.

 Nicholas Agro and Ryan Richmond, both investors with Clinical Relief dispensary in Ferndale, were represented by Neil Rockind who argued yesterday for the return of the items taken by narcotics officers during the raid.

"The Sheriff's Department seized a laptop computer, carrying cases, some paperwork and rental property keys that my client (Richmond) wants back entirely," Rockind said.

According to Rockind, Richmond, who is also in commercial real estate, had several items take from his home that had nothing to do with operations at Clinical Relief.

"He has other business and personal interests,” stated Rockind. “His laptop computer contains information he needs to live his life while this case is going on."

In addition to the personal property taken in the raid, the Sheriff’s Department also seized the records of four patients of Clinical Relief. State privacy laws protect those records.

Attorneys Rockind and Amy Bowen-Krane reached an agreement with the Oakland County Prosecutors office on Thursday to provide copies of some items and return others.

Preliminary examinations in the case begin November 3, for the nine defendants who are charged with illegally growing and selling marijuana.

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