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Monday, October 25, 2010

Editorial: Arizona: Medical Marijuana Good, Governor Brewer Bad

By Ron Crumpton

ARIZONA – Governor Jan Brewer has formally announced her opposition to Proposition 203 because “medical marijuana leads to crime.”

First of all, if citizens of  Arizona want a good political barometer for what is in their own  best interest, their best course of action is to vote against Jan Brewer and anything that she endorses.

Governor Brewer’s actions and statements about health care, gay rights and immigration have made Arizona a laughing stock throughout the country.

Her signing of a bill that eliminated the states State Children's Health Insurance Program, known as KidsCare was asinine. This was a program designed to insure adequate healthcare for the children of Arizona. Children have no means to see to their own medical needs. No matter what your political leanings, if you think that we as Americans do not have a responsibility to see to the healthcare of all children then you do not know what America is about.

The prohibitions favorite rallying cry is "think of the children", but this goes to show how important the children are when it comes to their own political interests.

Her erroneous statements about headless bodies in the desert not only show that she has a willingness to lie when it serves her purpose, but her repeated assertions that it was true, even after it had been proven otherwise, just goes to show that she lacks the character to admit that she lied. If you want to say that she was “misinformed” then her repeated denials only go to show that she does not have the character to admit that she was wrong.

The fact that she signed legislation that repealed the right of gay and lesbian state workers to have their partner considered a dependant goes to show that if you don’t fall into the unique category of what she thinks an American should be, then your rights are of no consequence and you are less of a person than those who agree with her.

Now she has decided to bring her close-minded way of looking at the world to the medical marijuana debate.

 “I am fearful of the additional societal costs we will incur if voters were to pass this proposition,” she said at the news conference. “I ask my fellow Arizonans not to be bullied into believing this is about compassion for sick people.”

First of all Ms. Brewer, I think you should go down to your nearest cancer treatment center and tell the people there that the medicine that has been proven to be the best treatment for wasting syndrome and the ills associated with chemotherapy, is not really a medicine at all. Go ahead and tell them that they are just faking their illness to get marijuana, after all it is a backdoor to legalization.

Second, legalization would be good for her and Arizona. After all, legal marijuana would put the drug cartels out of the marijuana business. Maybe then, she would not find so many invisible headless bodies along Arizona’s border with Mexico.

There has been much debate lately about what percentage of money the cartels take in from marijuana. However, one thing is indisputable, if you look at it by size and weight; marijuana is by far their biggest product. Taking marijuana out of the equation would allow the border patrol to focus its limited resources on hard drugs, illegal immigration and protecting us from terrorist threats that could cross into this country through our border with Mexico.

At the press conference, she also stated that dispensaries would overwhelm communities and become magnets for crime. WTF!!! Prop 203 allows one dispensary for every 10 licensed pharmacies in Arizona. I am sorry, but this is the largest red herring I have ever seen. Prohibition has caused the rise of international criminal empires, but Governor Brewer is more worried that dispensaries would be magnets for crime.

Fortunately, her stance against medical marijuana is just as ignorant and ill conceived as her other political beliefs. The fact that she is against medical marijuana is more likely to convince undecided voters to vote for Proposition 2o3, than it is to convince them to vote against it.

Governor Brewer, the people of Arizona need real leadership, not a reject from the cast of Clueless.

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