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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Editorial: Justice and Law Enforcement Officials to Ignore the Will of the People

Attorney General Eric Holder
By Ron Crumpton

Attorney General Eric Holder stated yesterday that the federal government would continue to aggressively prosecute marijuana laws in the state of California, regardless of how the people vote.

This led Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca and Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley to announce that they will continue to enforce marijuana laws even if Prop 19 passes because federal law trumps state law.

It is amazing that some of the more prominent people in the American Justice System or willing to blatantly ignore the will of the people in a country that was founded on the principles of government of the people, by the people and for the people.

However, this is nothing new when it comes to the way the United States government treats the will of anyone who does not conform to their strict definition of what “the people” should be.  Apparently, I missed the passage in the constitution that states that the rights in this document or only valid if you blindly follow you leaders and believe exactly as they do.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca
      For years, the marijuana community has been persecuted. Persecuted when it was a fledgling community of outsiders in the late 50’s and early 60’s, and now it is persecuted even when residents of a state vote for constitutional initiatives to allow the use of marijuana for medicinal reasons.

Illegal raids of  marijuana dispensaries by federal, state and local law enforcement officials just show that today’s justice system believes that it is above the law. They believe that it is their job to choose which laws to follow or not to follow. They believe that regardless of what a law says, they are free to interpret it however they damn well please.

They claim that they are protecting families, but it is their actions that are causing the violence, death and destruction of lives that are associated with the war on marijuana.

Every year 780,000 Americans have their lives ruined when they are arrested on simple possession charges. Students are kicked out of college, young men and women have their entire lives ruined because they are unable to get hired by companies that would normally hire them, even if they had a DUI, but will not hire them because they were arrested for a gram or two of marijuana.

Every year children, cops and average Joes die, not from the consumption of marijuana, but from the violence and illegal empires that the prohibition of marijuana has created.

Our government has a constitutional obligation to protect the citizenry, but Americans are better off without this kind of protection. 

Law Enforcement officials apparently believe that they must create the dangers, so they can protect us from them.

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  1. These people should recognize that the will of the people is how they're able to put food on the plates at home. We, the people, wants you, the elected, to respect our will or else we, the people, will see to it that you, the elected, have no job holding an office that we, the people, decide who asertains. RESPECT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE OR ELSE YOU WILL FINALLY KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO GO GET ON UNEMPLOYMENT!!!!!!!!