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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Art of Cannabis

By Ron Crumpton

 SANTA ROSA, California – Among the biggest problems that most nonprofit art groups face is financing, but instead of dealing with the headaches, Life is Art is dealing with the headz.

Pot heads that is. Life is art has decided to solve their financial woes by growing and selling marijuana.

“The whole game of finding support just started to seem so childish,” said the foundation’s director, Kirsha Kaechele.

Now through their nonprofit American Medicinals, the group grows marijuana on Kaechele’s land near Sonoma. They then sell the marijuana to the state’s legal patients at about $200 an ounce.

The group has used the money to fund the exhibitions and installations of their 20 plus artists. Some of these artists even helped to harvest the pot that is paying for their newfound popularity.

The group believes that $1 million in revenue for next year is “a completely realistic number.”

Formerly, Kaechele was a New Orleans art dealer, but the economy and fallout from Katrina, made it nearly impossible for her to make a profit in that city. On advice from a friend she moved to California and founded the Life is Art Foundation.

The group planted its first crop in April, and reaped their first harvest in October.

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