Friday, August 27, 2010

The City of Los Angeles Attempts to Close 129 Dispensaries

Los Angeles – In an effort to close down 129 medical marijuana dispensaries, the Los Angeles city attorney’s office has asked a judge to support a new city ordinance that would close those facilities.

According to the ordinance, dispensaries are not allowed to operate within 1000 feet of schools, parks, and “other meeting sites.” Medical marijuana advocates claim ordinance is so badly written that any street corner could be considered a “meeting place.”

In addition, the dispensary’s owners will have to face a heap of additional background checks, and must have their medicines tested by an independent laboratory.

The city clerk’s office has determined that only 41 dispensaries would comply with the city’s interpretation.

"They're going beyond a strict interpretation of the ordinance and doing anything they can to figure out how they can disqualify them. This is not what the city council intended. The city attorney wants to shut everyone down ," said James Shaw, of the Union of Medical Marijuana Patients.

Out of the 400 facilities ordered to close down in June when the ordinance passed, about 30 have filed their cases challenging the city clerk’s office interpretation of the ordinance.

Supporters say that the city of Los Angeles is simply trying to subvert the rights that the state constitution grants them.

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