Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HUD to Evict Dying Man from His Home

Hendersonville, Nevada – A man is facing eviction from HUD housing for consuming marijuana, even though the medical use of marijuana is legal in Nevada and the man has a qualifying doctor’s recommendation.

Reggie Morgan has lived at Espinoza Terrace for 18 years and has never had problems with the previous management. However, earlier this month the new management gave him a notice of eviction for his involvement in “drug related criminal activity.”

"I take a lot of medication for my illness, and the pills upset my stomach in the morning when I first wake up," says Reggie Morgan who is dying from liver cancer. "Once I smoke a couple and sit down, it will settle my stomach."

The Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority has issued a statement in which they state that they are only following national guidelines issued by HUD.

"Our policy is zero-tolerance for drugs of any kind irrespective on whether or not they are licensed to use medical marijuana," Carl Rowe with the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority.

However, The Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington D.C. has issued a statement in which they state that:

"Local housing authorities have the discretion to evict a tenant for using medical marijuana...they can evict, but they don't have to evict."

Therefore, with both organizations seemingly refusing to take responsibility, once again the patient suffers the sting that is caused by the beaurocracy between state and federal governments.

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