Monday, August 23, 2010

Bears Face Death Sentence for Marijuana Grow

Earlier this month, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police discovered more than a dozen black bears guarding a marijuana grow estimated to be worth $1 million in a remote area near Christina Lake, British Columbia.

The bears are facing a possible death sentence for their actions!

The “Bear Lady,” as she is locally known, had drawn the bears to her property with food and has likely been feeding them for years. Canadian wildlife officials said that if they become aggressive, now that food is not being provided to them, they would have to be killed.

Doreen McCrindle of Calgary is behind the movement to prevent the BC government from destroying the bears. McCrindle says that her only interest is for the well-being of the bears, and they should not be put to death for this.
“The ideal situation is, given they are so docile, reassimilation into the wild,” McCrindle said. “I’m basically looking for open communication between ourselves, members of the Facebook page, and the Ministry of (Environment) to at least be open to suggestions of weaning them off the foods and providing temporary feeding stations which would be moved farther and farther into the wild.”

A petition to save the bears has received more than 2200 signatures in less than three days.

The bears were so mellow that is has led to speculation that the man and woman may have been feeding them more than just food.

According to the Vancouver Sun, police Sgt. Fred Mansveld said, "We don't have any evidence of that, but it might be reason for their laid-back attitude."

Apparently, the bears were not very good guards. When authorities came to seize the marijuana, the bears just gathered around and watched.

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