Sunday, September 19, 2010

Protesters in Montgomery Alabama: Let Marc Emery Go

By Ron Crumpton

Montgomery, Alabama – On Saturday, twenty to thirty marijuana activists from Alabama and Georgia turned out in a part of a global rally, its purpose was to protest the persecution and imprisonment of Marc Emery by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Emery considers the prohibition of marijuana to be a violation of many of our rights, including our civil rights. He also considers Martin Luther King Jr. to be one his heroes, and for these reasons, the planners chose to march the same path as the final leg of Dr. Kings 1965 Selma to Montgomery March.

The group started from the fountain at the base of Dexter Ave, they marched past King Memorial Baptist Church – where King served as pastor from 1954 to 1960 – and up to the steps of the capitol.
Along the way, chants of Free Marc Emery, No Victim – No Crime, and Free the Weed were heard as protesters made their way along Dexter Avenue.

As protesters stopped to have pictures taken with their signs in front of a vacant Montgomery police car, the officer came out of a nearby business, initially this seemed to cause a little anxiety for some, but the officer was very courteous and spoke to marchers and asked about the demonstration.

The members of the group would stop and talk to pedestrians who expressed an interest in what their protest was about.

It was hot, but other than that a beautiful day. The fact that it was Alabama, football season and a Saturday probably hurt turn out a little, but all of the marchers seemed very dedicated to ending the government’s persecution of not only Marc Emery but also their persecution of everyone that has ever smoked a joint.

The Alabama portion of Free Marc Emery Worldwide Rally was successful. There were no unfortunate incidents, and there were many people made aware of plight Marc Emery and the damage being caused by prohibition.

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