Friday, September 10, 2010

Editorial: Marc Emery is the Latest Casualty in the War on Marijuana

Marc Emery was sentenced to a five-year sentence
By Ron Crumpton

Seattle – On Friday, in U.S. District Court, Judge Ricardo Martinez sentenced ‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery to five years on the charge of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

At least there was some good news; Judge Martinez did recommend that Emery be allowed to serve his time in his native Canada. However, both the U.S. and Canadian governments would have to agree on the terms of extradition for this to come to fruition.

During his trial, the prosecution painted Marc Emery as the criminal in this affair. They said that he broke federal law and provided criminals with a means to perpetrate a crime.

However, the real facts are that the United States government is the one that has given criminal enterprises across the globe a means to perpetrate a crime. The federal government created and still maintains these criminal empires because they do not want to legalize… a plant?

How the United States government can accuse Marc Emery for a crime in this, considering the number of lives that have been ruined or lost in a senseless drug war that the government started, is incomprehensible.

Just a quick point to the federal government; it is the government that is responsible for every single death in the war on marijuana!

There should never have been a death in the war on marijuana because there should have never been a war on marijuana. Congress fired the first shot when it passed the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.

Thus, we have been fighting a war for the last 73 years over a series of laws, that violate our personal liberties and that violates our right to think for ourselves without being fed a bunch of bullshit propaganda by our government.

If it was not for these trumped-up, unconstitutional, destructive and unnecessary laws thousands of people like Marc Emery would not have to serve time in prison for a selling a fucking seed that produces a damn herb or for just possessing an herb.

If it were not for this despicable, treacherous, unimaginable and un-American war on marijuana, thousands of Americans from innocent schoolchildren, average Joes and law enforcement officials would still be alive today.

Marc Emery is the latest casualty in the war on marijuana, and his prosecution, or persecution, is just another case of how our government treats people when they have the courage to say “that is not true,” and it is how they treat those who try to educate the masses to the lies and injustices that their governments have perpetrated against them in the name of prohibition.

Marc Emery is a hero, and he has done so much to further the cause of legalization, but while he sits in prison, we cannot sit idly by and let his work go to waste. There is nothing that would be a greater betrayal the work that Marc has done on the behalf of marijuana enthusiasts everywhere.

There are many marijuana warriors currently incarcerated in the federal penal system as well in those of the states. Thanks to these people and others like them, the cause of legalization has gone from an indolent movement to a vigorous and vibrant society of like-minded individuals dedicated to a wonderful cause.

Tonight, Jodie Emery – and many other wives and lovers like her – will go to bed without the one they love because our government insists that it must continue this insane war on marijuana for the good of the country, when the only way for the government or anyone else to win this war… is for the government to end this war!

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